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The Original Of AI Technology

The first idea of ​​the AI concept "Artificial Intelligence" was thought by British scientist Alan Turing the question "is a computer capable of thinking?" in October 1950. Since then, countless experts and teams have continuously explored AI and achieved such achievements as Samuel's chess program, Newell & Simon's Logical Reasoning Program; Program to prove Gelernter's geometrical theorems.
It's great, but because technical limitations and facilities do not allow it, the development of AI has faced many difficulties to develop, until 2015 thanks to the development of the cloud platform. making AI research more cost-effective and easier to implement. Since then, AI technologies have once again developed strongly and attracted big companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook,... to participate in the AI technology race.
In November 2022, with the appearance of the GPT Chat bot from Open AI, the world exploded with its power and intelligence, and users were completely amazed by the accuracy and variety of supported fields by the Chatbot, Chatbot GPT completely becomes an effective assistant for users in industries such as Content Creator, Product Researcher, Market Analyst, Journalist, and Customer Service Officer,...
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